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Skyrim Revisited and Lighting/Weather/ENB - Is It Possible?

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So I have just finished following Neovalen's excellent Skyrim Revisited guide (though I left out many mods I felt were unnecessary for me) and I have a few questions regarding the use of SR and adding any lighting, weather and ENB stuff to it.


Are there any recommended lighting and weather mods to compliment the Skyrim Revisited setup? If so, which? Also concerning ENBs and the use of Mod Organizer with ENB Changer. I'm having some issues trying to get an ENB working properly even though I have added and run ENB Changer through MO, activated it and again run the game with ATTK/SKSE via MO. I'm not certain but I get the feeling something's not right. Are there any specific things I've got to do?


I'm trying to use Quietcool ENB and had wanted to use RCRN along with Enhanced Lights and FX but RCRN comes pre-packaged as an installer so I can't install it properly on my modded profile and combined with the ENB not looking how it should I'm not certain how to rig it all up, if at all possible.


Any help with this jumbled mess of stuff would be great!

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Just copy the ENB files directly into the Skyrim dir. That way it will work as it should... assuming no other issues pop up. The ENB changer cannot run though MO since the ENB files need to be in the skyrim dir, not a virtual one.


Its the same with RCRN.. it also uses the same way to implement some effects... and it wont work through MO since the files need to be in the actual Skyrim dir, not a virtual one.

Also the injector stuff from RCRN will not work with ENB without some tweaking just out of the box.


The way to get RCRN on the mod list in MO is simple however. Just copy all the .esp and other game related resources into a separate folder, make an archive of it. Then install that through MO.


Hope that helps, otherwise I guess I can dish out a more detailed version.

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Alright thanks for the advice. I'd actually tried popping the ENB files directly into the Skyrim directory like normal but ENB didn't seem to be enabled when I ran my game through MO. I'm also not sure if I'm supposed to use RCRN's d3d9.dll or ENB's, as well as Quietcool's d3d9_smaa.dll and what exactly to add for the enblocal.ini proxy. I had it all working together nicely prior to following the SR guide but can't remember how exactly I did it...

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You always want to use d3d9.dll from ENB since without it it does not work. Any other .dll needs to be renamed and proxied to function.

As you already seem to know you do this in the enblocal.ini now. Set proxy to true, and put in the correct file name.


If you use RCRN´s ... then enb is not even installed, and you are using their injection thingy.

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The ENB changer cannot run though MO since the ENB files need to be in the skyrim dir, not a virtual one.



Um err I don't know who told you that but I got it to work just fine using MO.

In fact, I have the .EXE of my ENB changer in a totally seperate HD from what my Skyrim install is on, and it works fine. Don't see why it would work as long as you point it to your correct Skyrim directory...

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Well guess the day was gonna come when that would come up. You are indeed correct! ;)


Main line of thought back then was to make people stop doing anything ENB related though MO since most of the time it just does not work at all. So better to just have people new to modding not be all confused that ENB´s work differently then other mods.

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