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Severe lag spiking in Jorrvaskr Living Quarters



I've tried a few other interiors with no trouble during my latest test run my SR install (only dropped a few small mods as well as UNP). I am running Unreal Cinema as opposed to Realvision and this may be the origin of the problem. Turning off ENB definitely helps but I think there's still some slight stutter. I know that the game is supposed to be pretty stable inside interior cells so I'm not sure what the issue is. FPS will stay at the 50-60 that I can count on inside interior cells then plummet to around 9-20 for a few seconds before shooting back up again.


Could it be a texture I optimized? Something like that? I noticed that the area contains a lot of rugs (Detailed Rugs). I wasn't using the .ini tweak that helps load large interiors but activating that didn't make a difference. Nor did mucking around with ENB settings.


I will keep testing other interiors and see if I continue to have lag spikes. In the meantime, maybe someone knows a reason this could be happening.


Thanks as always, guys!

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