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Damn, it's good to be the [High] King! (Become High King of Skyrim mod by aysigago)

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Become High King of Skyrim


Clearly this is a just for fun mod. And in the spirit of this mod, nay-sayers are welcome to go back to the topic list (but you don't have to). :D


I saw this mod pop up in the "Latest Files" section of the Skyrim Nexus main page a few days ago and something made me click it. This mod has come a long way since its addition to the Nexus!


For now I'm just waiting for some more updates and such before jumping in. I've always (well, since January 2012 anyway) wanted to be High King of Skyrim because **** it why not?!


The mod author has added a few more ways to become High King beyond simply assassinating Jarl Elisif and Jarl Ulfric. Looking forward to seeing where this mod goes over the next few months!


Here's a gratuitously epic trailer video someone did:




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