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Crash on boot...yet another



So yes, another thread about crashing on boot. But i am completely flummoxed.


All i have done is a thorough update of my mods, enb, etc.


Loading the game through MO. Set to windowed mode, with onetweak


Loading through


MO > skse - crashes

MO > Skyrim Loader - crashes

MO > ATTK - crashes


Outside of MO, with no mods at all. Only skse installed

Outside of MO > SKSE - crashes

Outside of MO > Skyrim loader - crashes

Outside of MO > ATTK - crashes


All exe`s are set to run as admin.

My entire mod list loads up in tes5edit without a single error.

I have restored my backup of vanilla installation. (Which has no problems, i have restored it before and it works fine)


Short of a full re-install i can't think of whats happeneing.

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That worked. Why did that work? I only have onetweak in my MO and no mods outside of it. So loading up skyrim from the standard skyrim launcher, in the install directory should not be affected by that. onetweak is in modorganizer folder so why?


Meh its working m=now, im happy again....untill the first ctd

Did you try reverting to default ini files?

My game outside of MO is running stock ini files
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