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Skyrim in-game journal (shameless plug)


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I don't know if any of you will be interested or if this is the right section for it.

I am using most of S.T.E.P and that comes through in the story as well as in the pictures so I thought that maybe that might interest some. I already posted this on the official forums so I copied the rest of the message. I'm trying to find anyone who might get some enjoyment out of this as I could use the encouragement:


My Skyrim Journal


This link will take you to my Facebook album containing my in-character Skyrim journal (two pages per picture). I'm writing a diary as I play, partly because I need creative writing practice.

Constructive criticism is welcome but please read the small description at the start of the album before doing so.



Spoilers to the game of course and poetic license with the thoughts of NPCs, etc.

I would say that the journal should be read with a general audience of 16 - 18+ as there maybe be mention of slight adult themes such as sexual and romantic relations (including LGBT), drug use (skooma), violence (obviously), and perhaps the occasional curse or two. This is not meant to be smutty or offensive and yet it is hard for me to know whether I cross the line at any point because so many people have different limits.


There are screenshots along with the journal pages and in one or two of them my character is in her underwear, lying on a bed (using "Dovahkiin Relaxes Too" mod).

Besides this and the obvious spoilers, I think that's all the warning that I have to give.



Writing the journal is mostly a way for me to remain immersed but I decided that maybe other people might get a kick out of seeing how another person plays the game, the decisions they make, and someone's idea of what is going on behind the normal NPC conversations.



I am planning to perhaps do some Youtube videos with the more interesting diary entries and maybe even recreations of dreams which my character has had.



Any suggestions are welcome.



Please be polite in any communication with me as I suffer from an anxiety disorder and low confidence. As I said, criticism is fine as long as it is about my work and it is helpful.

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I LOVE this kind of stuff, i used to follow Arwen's Journal, your work kinda reminds me her :)


Since just gave a quick eye to the journal, i'm going to read it and i'll give criticism and feedback as i finish. Be warned english isn't my native language as i'm italian. I'm also planning to do youtube videos with Skyrim/Step LPs/Journals, maybe we could collaborate? :D


BTW, check later for the feedback ;)

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I have seen that site briefly in the past - I'm going to have to give it more of an in-depth look.


Thanks! I'll let you know in terms of Youtube when I have a better idea of what I'm doing. I am going to be getting help with video editing and such from my (sort of) boyfriend and he'll be over this weekend so I may have more of an idea about what kind of direction I'll be taking.

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