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Creation Kit - Leveled items question



Hello. I tried to find an answer online to this, but I couldn't... When I add item to a generic leveled list I understand that the minimum level is input in the Level column.


However, I would like the loot to be available at higher levels as well. So, if there is an item set to spawn at Level 1, and then a few rows below there is a better item set to spawn at higher level, does that mean that once the higher level is reached, then the former item won't be spawned anymore?


An example:


Level >> Count >> EditorID


1      >> 6         >> BaseArrowIron75

7      >> 6         >> BaseArrowSteel75


49      >> 6         >> BaseArrowDaedric75



Does it mean that if the player reaches level 7, the irow arrow would not spawn anymore, or does it meant that from level 7 there is a chance to spawn both iron and steel arrow? And then at level 49 it's possible to spawn ANY type of arrow (since there are all the other types listed between).


Thanks in advance!

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