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Enhanced Blood Textures - Skyrim Imm Creatures Patch



I'm following SR and I'm to the point where I have EBT and EBT immersive creatures patch installed and esp's enabled.  In running skse thru MO to load the game and I get the Skyrim enblem for a blink before it goes right to desktop.  It seems this is caused by having the EBT immersive creature patch esp enabled before I installed immersive creatures.   Once I installed immersive creatures the game loaded no problem.   


My question is what are the processes behind why this is occurring ?  Can a simple patch that can't find what it's patching prevent the whole game from launching ?   I guess so but I'm trying to understand what's going on under the hood.    Can someone explain to a layman how the patch is working between EBT and immersive creatures ?   Also what exactly is a bash patch ?    Thanks all...

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Any lack of masters will stop the game from starting up. It is part of the games "consistency" checks during startup. Think of it is as a good service!


A bashed patch is a patch that can do several things at once saving you many .esp files in your list.

The most common use is to use it to merge all so called leveled lists. These lists are essentially what items can drop from who at what level.

However it can also include small tweaks to the game etc.


The patch between two mods works in the way that the patch will be loaded after both mods, and makes sure that certain data is what you want it too be!

If it is a compatiblity patch, then it works in that it takes some entries from one mod and merge them with the information stored in another mod making sure that a potential issue does not happen ingame.


Hope that answers all.

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Thanks Aiyen, thats going to take a bit to settle thru the bedrock. But I get the overall idea. I'm just glad I was able to troubleshoot the non-start and figure it out, just didn't understand why. Steep learning curve here for sure...

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