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STEP process done, but can't get fullscreen...



So ive been through the whole STEP process and gotten the game working. But now no matter what I do it's in windowed mode. Whether or not I have borderless window activated or not. ive tried the alt + Enter and Ctrl + Enter but neither one switches to full screen.


I've tried changing the ini file to bFull Screen= 1, but when i do that I get an error that says 


"Failed to initialize renderer.

Your display doesn't support the selected resolution. Please set a different resolution in Skyrims Launcher under 'Display Settings'"


But the the thing is  my monitor obviously DOES support such resolutions because thats what I game at all the time. 


When I play vanilla version through steam everything works normally and under whatever attributes I select from the launcher. But for whatever reason when doing it through ModOrganizer it just won't get out of windowed mode no matter what I do.



im not using an ENB, which I hear is prone to cause windowed mode.

Ok, I fixed it. Went into ini and changed the height and width manually. YOu can delete this thread and with it hopefully some of my shame.

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