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Another Cart ride glitch



i don't know if this has happened before, but i know that the cart ride at the very beginning of the game can glitch out. For me, it makes starting a new game impossible. What happens is, when i start a new game, after the loading screen and the fade goes away, i am not where i should be sitting in the cart, but instead i am where the driver normaly is. Also, Tullius is standing in the middle of the road for some reason. I can still hear people talking in the back though. the cart in front of me usually has a spazz attack. the thing that makes it not work, is the fact that the gate into helgen doesn't open. I installed all the mods to the letter, with the exception of the dual weapon parrying. I'm using NMM, BOSS, and SKSE if that helps to explain it. Any help at all would be appreciated. 

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Most likely due to scripts gone haywire due to a weird install issue. If you have many scripts, or just a few that requires input (man I hate those) then it can mess up the timing of the intro.

As Root Says ... use MO instead, makes troubleshooting simpler. There are so many issues when using NMM that it is just not worth the hassle to try to isolate issues with it.

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