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Random Z-Fighting Question



I was unsure exactly were to post so I figured since it's technically a bug I'd post it here.

until recently I was using the STEP Z-Fighting guide fixes unfortunately, I began to get infinite loading screens with them now (probably from increased mod count, ect)


It occurs to me, and maybe it's occurred to some others too, idono

Has anyone ever tried designing a mod that places clouds or possibly other LOD that don't have Z-fighting objects in-front of the locations

most commonly afflicted (Whiterun distant mountains for example). Obviously the modder would

have to be one of those unfortunate souls that has system with it.

As I'm not a modder and have very little rudimentary ability with the CK I just naturally assumed 

this was never done because it can't or wouldn't work.

In any case I figured I'd give into my curiosity and ask.

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Real clouds would do just that, but unfortunately it needs to mature. The screens host of it are amazing, and the with it is very impressive. But imho it needs work. Causes a few issues like white aliasing outlines on trees and overly bright for etc


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Z-issues are sadly a part of the game engine at the very basic level. Even the developer of ENB says it would be way too much work to try to fix, and many people are asking if he could not do it.


The way to fix it is to do stuff like the Z-fighting guide says... sadly that also means that you cannot run with many mods without running into infinite loading screens! Either that or place objects in front, or increase the distance fog until it makes sure you cant see anything... but most of those options are not optimal visually.

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Thanks for the replies!

I have been keeping track of Real Clouds since release actually, Aside from the possibility of hiding Z-fighting, it looks spectacular within itself. Just waiting for it to mature a little first.

If anyone could actually "fix" Z-fighting I'm sure Boris could do it, but yeah I was curious why no modder has tried to hide it with some strategically placed objects or scenery.

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