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Waking Nightmare Quest broken





There are several bugs listed at the bottom of this page. This one is not listed.






When you get to the part where you need to grab the 'soul gem' remove the barrier. Soul Gem is not there. I get a quest pointer to the location. no soul gem. I reloaded and went back to before you go to the 'dream state' according to youtube videos you should be able to see the gem through the barrier (should be glowing). Its not present.





Stuff I have done on top of STEP



1. added several mods to the end of the game. None were quest mods

2. Had to disable immersive creatures to get back from Sotheim. I kept crashing. I think the issue happens when it forces a respawn of items or spawns creatures in certain locations. Just turning the features off  usually fixes. I had to disable it. Its still off

3. I cleaned my update and DLC mods per Skyrim Revisited. However, for the update one, I had all my mods run in TES5Edit when I cleaned it. I noticed in a video after word, that you should only load the mods up to the one you want to clean (after I did it). How bad is this?




Questions about possible work arounds:



1. Could my cleaning of the files have broken this? I did not clean the main file? If I redownload from Steam could this fix it?

2. I looked into some of the console commands. I can open the console and click on the barrier. I dont see a way to lower it.

3. concerned that other quests may be broken. Any suggestions on how to get them to load properly? I don't want to start over. I just want to play around with the game for a while. Im ok if a few side quests dont work. Its not great, but its good enough.




Experimenting in the dungeon



By experimenting, I continued on into the dungeon. When I got to the end fight. I did see the NPC with me, but he was walking back. The 2 additional NPCs that are supposed to spawn did not spawn.



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