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Bug: Thieves Guild Cistern doesn't unload Riften from VRAM



So, recently I have encountered this issue (not really recent anyway... been there for a while, just never looked into it in detail)


When traveling from Riften into the Thieves Guild Cistern, Riften is not unloaded from VRAM (keeps fully buffered). This is odd behavior and probably an unfixed bug somewhere. This is normally of no issue because heck, there's probably space inside the VRAM/RAM anyway, but I run a heavy modded (textured) game.


So I enter Riften, RAM is at 2.4GB, I enter Cistern, RAM is at 2.8-2.9GB, I travel through cistern to the ragged flagon, RAM exceeds 3.1GB and my load screen freezes. PCB when inside Cistern doesn't do a thing... I have to get around it by saving -> load the save -> continue... :\


Could anyone run a similar test to verify a game bug? I don't care your RAM usage, just if Riften unloads when you enter the Cistern. When I reload my save that I make inside my RAM usage is 1.6GB, which is more appropriate for such a small space. Not very willing to reduce texture resolution just because of this situation in Riften (using 2K textures) as everything else works fine so far.


When I do the same route the other way around Ragged Flagon -> Cistern -> Riften the whole Cistern unloads before I enter Riften. So it's definitely some bug somewhere, or some wonky way of handling these loads...


Thanks :)


From SPM:Posted Image



Edit: NVM, just figured this is a known issue, just never bothered to look for it :o ... seems no solution either other than downgrading textures, o well.

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