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freeze on level load



first I want to say that when I played skyrim on my xbox I used to freeze sometimes with the base game.

Looking for ways to troubleshoot this. This happened late last night. I won't be able to post exact details until tonight. Please tell me what I should post.


This is long. so I used spoiler. I have general troubleshooting questions at the end.


My PC Specs



i5, radeon 7850 with 2gb ram, 16 gb regular RAM




My STEP Install Plus some other MODS. Note, At first I mainly used 1k mods, then upped a few to 2k to check it out.



STEP is installed minus fins new idles. Had issues and got tired of trouble shooting. So just took it out.  Trade and barter is off too. That was just by accident. I noticed it while playing. I plan to reactivate.

I can get a list of which mods I bumped to 2k from 1k earlier. Note, I had not spent alot of time in Whiterun before I played around with STEP install. I can easily take stuff out.




Additional Mods. All mods add to end of install order (since not sure where to put them. None are clearned.



Deadly Dragons

immersive creatures -- uses SKSE

immersive patrols

deadly monsters

one other one I cant remember. But it is a content mod.




My STEPS when adding new Mods and changing Textures:



1. install mod. If texture disable old mod. Move new mod to old priority so ordered the same

2. new mod: put at end of load order. Since dont know where to put them.

3. Look at conflicts. I actually did not see any in the mods I added.

4. Ran BOSS

5. Rebuilt bash patch. Deadly Dragons was added to Bash patch by Wrye Bash

6. Ran TES5Edit to make sure it loaded.


Did not do:

1. DDSOPT: I dont understand this yet. I have just started reading the docs. I still dont fully understand the other tools. but if you think using it is necessary, I can.

2. TES5Edit analysis: How do I find my .esps when I have alot? The only search I see is by some kind of 'ID'. I dont see a way to search by name. I would think I would want to load all of them, so TES5Edit can check all conflicts.

3. Dont know the BASH tags generated by BOSS or really how they work.

4. I actually have these installed after my ASG-AWE merge from STEP which was last. Not sure if I should change that.

5. look at papyrus. Rootsrat mentioned that in a previous post. I dont know how to read this log. Where do I look?

6. did not clean my save game. Got a popup saying stuff was missing. I actually got this when I first made a BASH patch. This is odd. I did not take out

content. Why would I get this? I will clean tonight.




How to troubleshoot



1. what would you want me to post? In another freeze post, someone asked for bash tags. How do I get those?

2. How do I find my .esp's in TES5Edit when I have alot loaded. I only see a search by some kind of 'ID'?

3. Is there a script we can run in TES5Edit that will generate a report (can be to a text file) that tells me all my conflicts so I don't have to open every single one up. If not, is it possible to create one?

4. anyway to turn on some kind of debugger so I can see what happens? It doesn't happen on every level change, but Id like to know where I got stuck.

5. Neovalen says to turn off auto-save, and skyrim auto-saves on level changes due to instability. Should I do that?

6. This happened on my XBOX with base Skyrim on there ALOT and it really got old. Is this anything related? I see posts on the web about Xbox Skyrim freezing issues.

7. other than just turning everything off and bring everything down to 1k graphics and then slowly turning them back on. anyway to get a log or something when this happens again so I can do more than 'guess' and check?

8. How important is DDSOPT when I go to 2k textures? I think the stuff I upped to 2k were mainly things like Rocks and such that I dont think would affect Whiterun. It was just textures.

9. how do I check my memory usage? will the windows memory thing be accurate? I think that one is system wide though. I doubt this is the 3.1 gb bug because its a freeze



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