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batch and merged patches



Hello All. My name is Frank and... I... am... a... Modder....


Ok so I have watched all of Gopher's vid's and quite a few others and I have about 100 mods going. I then found out about Skyrim Immersive Creatures and that's where my troubles started. When I activated the mod I got invisible monsters and purple axes with no Giant wielding it. Then I started doing some research and in my studies I am hearing about a MERGED PATCH...a BATCHED PATCH

and A LEVELED LIST.  I do not understand this stuff and what it does and how to use it and everything about it.  People out there talk for hours about the proper way to pronounce the word LICH...but I can hardly find any info on this that is easy to understand.  Does anyone have any suggestions or help on where to look or would someone like to personally help me I will pay you...Thanks in advance to all who help my 5 year old son and I are grateful.



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OK, so a few definitions:


Bashed Patch is a patch file that you can create using Wrye Bash program. It's mainly used to merge all the levelled lists. Simple example: you install a mod that add new weapons to enemies as a loot - this is being handled by levelling list of that enemy in Skyrim. I.e. you can find any item (randomly or not, but let's not get into details) from that list on the enemy when you kill them. Now if you install another mod that changes the same levelled list, it creates a mod conflict. The mod that was loaded into the game last wins that conflict overwriting the mod that was loaded first (this is called load order). Meaning that the items from the first mod won't be included in that levelled list. Bashed Patch merges the levelled lists from both mods so that the items from BOTH mods can be found on the enemy.


Merged Patch does similar thing, but I am not sure what it can actually merge as I never use it (it can be created using TES5EDIT program). You can also create merge patches in TES5EDIT yourself, manually copying all the relevant records from a few mods to a single patch.


Purple textures mean there is a texture file missing from your Data folder, or possible that the filename was changed. So effectively when Skyrim tries to apply a given texture to an object (a mesh), it's not there to be found and the generic purple colour is applied instead.


Hope this helps!


P.S. I would greatly encourage you to go to STEP wiki and read on the guides that we have created, there is A LOT of useful info there, you just need to sacrifice some time to read it :) Best regards and good luck modding!

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