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SR methodology

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From reading STEP guide, the methodology is add mods that make the game look nicer and more fun to play, but dont change the core balance of the game. SR seems to do alot of that and then adds features such as Frostfall which changes the game. It does not add SkyRE which integrates well with Frostfall (adds a new skill tree just for Frostfall). How is the methodology different?


SR seems to add more mods, but Im not sure what methdology your following.

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It is strictly mods that Neovalen like and think enhance the game.

What make it special is that it shows how to make mods compatible with each other, more then the actual selection of mods.

This allows you to make your own mod selection, and how to maintain it properly! Most of us who used SR started with just that, but then moved on to add our own stuff.


However SR still remains lore friendly and as such you will not find my little pony or lightsabers etc.

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STEP is to enhance vanilla experience only and it does not aim to introduce any gameplay changes. Read up the STEP mandate. SR is Neo's personal project, looking to enhance the game, going beyond vanilla. Also, SR is for more experienced users, as it includes creating some custom patches etc.

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