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why does Mod Organizer have so many flags?



hey all, sorry if this has already been covered someplace but i was curious as to why Mod Organizer has so many flags next to the mods, the ones shaped like lightning bolts. im guessing they are conflicts of some kind but do they do any harm? i followed the S.T.E.P. guide, and installed most of the mods and all of the core mods and im pretty sure there are some that aren't working such as the HD Trees and Screen Glare mods, but some appear to be fine. also just as a side question, does anybody know why the SkyUI interface takes so long to open? ~3-5 seconds every time. the black border opens instantly but the everything else takes its sweet time.


Posted Image


screenshot in case it helps.


thanks for any help.

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In short' date=' it means that the mod is overwriting another mod (plus), being overridden (minus), or both (plus and minus). It's basically a shorthand way of seeing if a mod's resource files are conflicting with another mod.[/quote']

thanks for the reply,

so is this something i should ignore? or is it causing problems.

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Depends on what is conflicting with what. Sometimes MO gets confused when you shift mods around in the left hand (installation order) pane, so that indicator's a good thing, since it helps you see if there's something being overwritten that shouldn't be.

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