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Barking Man presents "nO.1 - Collective Art Exhibition"


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Hi guys. Not sure how many of you is from the UK, but if you live near Leeds, I'd like to invite you to the collective art exhibition organised by Barking Man - art group that I am a member of. I hope admins don't mind me posting this. It's non-commercial event, pure souldfood and it's free!





You will have an excellent opportunity to experience unique artwork created by international and local artists that live in the UK.




Confirmed artistic acts of nO.1 exhibition :


>>>> Luke Wilson


"Fiacre Variations" An allegoric composition controlled through the changes in sensor data surrounding a plant .


Please check out the results of Luke's last installation in Leipzig 12/6/13





>>>> Tukos




>>>> Anna Zareba


Leeds based graphic & fabric designer and illustrator





>>>> Pogger Art


a Leeds based punk artist. His biggest infuences stem from skateboard art, graffiti and punk rock.


Jordan / Pogger about his art : "My work these days is mostly based around commissions for bands and punk flyers etc, which is somethings I always aimed towards. When I have time I do like to paint weird characters using spray paint as well as painting on found objects, acquired from the streets and my surroundings"


more : https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/pogger



>>>> Tony Burhouse a.k.a Gene Mutation


is a fine-art graduate with heavy leanings toward illustration and cartooning. His works on paper make use of asemic writing and quasi-coherent imagery to form a post-psychedlic dream art soup.





>>>> Ewelina Labuda


Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design student not willing to tell anything about herself yet ;)



>>>> Zaneta Sliwinska


Specialises in pop art and theatrical make up.Also offers bespoke wedding and night out make up.





>>>> Beverley Hodgson


Beverley is a fine artist and photographer based in Leeds. She enjoys exploring different photographic methods to push boundaries. Beverley's personal work involves more traditional methods of photography working with film in the darkroom. She also enjoys more conventional photography, working with digital cameras, such as portrait and event and regularly indulges in all areas.





>>>> Przemek Malacha aka Roots Rat


Poet, amateur photographer and music producer. He likes to think of himself as a poetic guerilla, with a healthy dose of abstraction. Exposes the darker side of human nature. Loves grotesque, but doesn't shuns more serious subjects. When photographing, he tries to look from unusual perspectives and places.






more to be announced soon ...




All this accompanied by great tech/deep/house nu disco DJ sets and a group of djembe drummers 'SPONTAN' .





>Nair [Furanum Rec]


He is open to new musical experiments which may be found in some of his own productions. With over 10 years of experience Nair has developed and fine-tuned his DJ style, now preferring hard and dark techno, as well as new-school, minimal and pychedelic trance – his past-time fascination.



>Occupy Yourself [Feed the Love]


Charlie Nicholls aka ‘Occupy Yourself’ began DJing in the early 90′s in the forests and warehouses of UK rave/acid house culture.

Over the last twenty years this progressed to DJing at clubs, parties and festivals throughout the UK, Holland, France and Croatia, organising events and promoting fellow DJ’s and producers.



>Dave Stead [Mash Street Kids]


Dave puts on parties around Leeds as part of The Mash Street Kids. Recent guests have included Matador, The Magician, Slam and N-Joi




He's into all styles of electronic music, mainly a mixture of of nu-disco and deep house, sometimes taking things a bit harder into minimal and techno.



>VJ Minimum Maximum






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