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Two questions about mod organizer



Hi guys,


I am currently trying to get Skyrim revisited working. But I have 2 minor problems you probably can help me with.Sometimes when I try to install a mod with MO some strange windows appears and I have to set some kind of directory. If I rightclick data directory (of the mod) and click "set data directory" it often says "looks good". And I can install it. But I have no idea what Im doing there and if installation of specified mods was correct in any way.. Any help? You probably know which window im talking about..I encountered a problem with book covers skyrim. I try to install it, select book covers hearthfire, skyrim etc. in the installer but it only installs one esp: book covers skyrim. (I´m supposed to edit them afterwards, but they´re just not installed :O).Anyone can help me quickly with these two?Greetz

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The looks good issue is because MO is trying to help you make sure you have the right folder structure.

For example textures need to be in data\textures\... etc.

When it says looks good then it means that the top most directory is correct and the underlaying folders should also be correct since the mod author would have made sure of that.


The book covers skyrim issue is most likely because you use the external FOMOD installer. In the settings there is a tick box where you can say use integrated FOMOD installer. Do remember that not all mods are compatible with the internal one! If you end up with missing ressources etc. then it is most likely because of this issue. Just change and try again and it should work.

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