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SteamTool compatible?





I've moved my Steam account and all associated games to my D: drive, but would like to run Skyrim from my C: drive (SSD).


Has anyone used SteamTool with success? A blurb from their site:


"Have you run out of space to install games within Steam? Want to install some of the games in your Steam Library to another hard drive or solid-state drive?


With SteamTool, you can install the games in your Steam Library across more than one hard drive. Games on the second hard drive will continue to play, download and update as normal, since Steam is still able to access them using their original folder names."


Does it work well with Skyrim + mods? Here's the link - https://www.stefanjones.ca/steam/


Just about to do a vanilla install, and would really love to have Skyrim as my only Steam game on the SSD.



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Oh, is there such a feature? After searching around random forums, I found a bunch of people that have had to resort to using SteamTool for their games.


How is it done via Steam? Thanks a ton for your time :)


EDIT: NVM, found out :D Revelation...

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There are two ways of going about it:


1) Using the Steam's library feature that allows you to create new libraries on any partition on your system.

2) Using GameSave Manager's Steam Spreader to create NTFS junction points, which works like a virtual folder that's physically on the other driver.


I prefer the latter option for a few of reasons. It's easier to move back the folder when you want to, there is no external library created after all. An NTFS junction is a cleaner way of moving your games since there won't be a new Steam library created, therefore saving some space. You can still use your virtual directory for installation of any files or linking the files on your system. Source games will always take space in your main Steam directory so bear that in mind when deciding what drive to install Steam to.

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