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Skyrim uses assets that aren’t even enabled?



been testing mods and I’m seeing lotsa weird stuff. Seems the game loads and uses things when the esm or esp is not even checked. i knew loose files override bsas. and that many loose files don't need esps as long as they are the same files n folders that are already recognized by the game and are already in bsas, like Skyrim_Textures.bsa. for example this mod...https://skyrim.nexusm...?id=19159&pUp=1i used it to change undies, and was surprised because it has no esp, and the textures are in an oddly named folder "1AUnderwer2"...yet it still does work. so i figured there must be a folder like that in the skyrim bsas for it to work like that. but what i'm seeing is just insidious! lol. a poor player tries to test for conflicts only to get thwarted when the damn game uses stuff not even enabled. scripts too! i don't even get that.Few examples of weird stuff i'm seeing. These are all on brand new games with all previous saves deleted…

  • Monster Mod plugin not enabled, but bsa in Data. I see invisible creatures from that mod (Scamps). i'd expect this if i disabled the mod and loaded the save that once had it enabled, but this was new game. all saves deleted.
  • Enhanced Skyrim Followers – Aela unchecked but I sometimes still get dialog options from it. That’s not even mesh or textures. I would think that a script is firing to give dialog
  • Blacksmith water fix not enables yet about half the troughs still have moving water
How can we check for mod conflicts when it still loads stuff?! does the game just normally do this? maybe some weirdness w/ NMM? What’s the rule of thumb on thisand best way to test? thanks 
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Sounds like issues with NMM and the way it handles the data directory.


Best advice would properly be to change to MO since it uses 100% virtual data directories for its profiles. Hence nothing can linger in the Skyrim data directory to create "ghost" effects.

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