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Archery 1st Person Camera Glitch...



Hi guys... I've just finished a full install of STEP, along with some of Neo's recommendations from Skyrim Revisited, and am more or less satisfied with the outcome... That is, save for one little glitch I have encountered.


In first person view, when aiming a drawn bow up at the sky or down at the ground, it appears almost as if the character is looking from 'within' his own body. What I mean is, for example when aiming upwards, the left arm is postioned in front of the crosshair and I cannot see what I'm trying to aim at.


I searched all over the place on the net for a solution, with no luck. I tried everything I could think of including uninstalling all skeleton, body and animation mods, but still with no luck.


Closest thing I found on the net was another user had the same issue an has asked on the nexus forums for a little help, but no luck. He has attached a video in the folling link th the nexus.




Please help, as ive started a playthrough as an archer character, and really want to continue, but this is so annoying...

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