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Elapsed Time 59s before game starts. Why?



After modding my Skyrim game in the early months of 2012 i got a lot of the well knows problems as corrupted savefiles, CTD's , freezes on loadscreen etc. When i reached the moment of throwing my computer out of the window, curse skyrim to hell and what not, I decided to leave the game... for good.


Last month however i found this STEP website and went addicted to the game once more. :) Thnx guys!!


Anyway... the question...


Since i went through the whole Skyrim Revisited setup i was very excited to start my first SR game ever. The DOS window flickered on screen, and the Uncapper window was visible and then nothing happened... for 59 seconds... and then the game started as normal. I wonder why this happens. Is the game loading something? Probably its related to an ini setting, because the time i have to wait from the clicking the RUN button in MO to the moment that the game pops up is (according to skyrim performance monitor) exactly 60 seconds. Does anybody know why? Is it needed to load anything? And if not, can i disable the waiting time?

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Yeah it's because of MO processing the virtual data directory mostly. Sure, a heavily modded game always takes longer to start up, but with MO and the way it works this is increased. Still definitely worth it however. :)

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