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Improper Bow/Quiver Placement in Third Person



I just recently finished installing the STEP 2.2.5 list of mods using WyreBash, and for the most part everything seems to be working fine, however I have run into one issue. When a bow/quiver is equipped, when viewing it in third person, the bow and quiver do not properly display on the character. Instead of being attached to the skeleton at the proper locations, both the bow and the quiver sit horizontally at the base of the character model, and slide around in that position as you move. When switching to first person view, the bow appears normally.


I figured the issue was with Close Quivers and Longer Arrows, as that mod had to with quiver placement on the body, however disabling this mod yielded no results.


I am pretty sure the cause of the issue is that I simply failed to install one of these mods properly, however I am having problems trying to discern which mod would affect the positioning of the bow and quiver on the character body. Any help in this regard would be much appreciated.


I can post a screenshot if I was unclear in describing the problem. But in simple terms, it looks like the character set both the bow and quiver down on the ground, and is constantly standing/running on top of them.

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That did end up resolving the issue, thanks a ton.


For whatever reason, I had installed the old 'Back Hip Dagger' version, as well as the old 'Magic Shield Arm' patch. Uninstalling these and using the new BAIN installer version of the mod fixed the problem.


Thanks again for your help.

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