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A hint for those with CTD's caused by textures



I just wanted to let people know, since I spent the last couple days trying to figure this out: if you are having frequent CTD's because of textures mods and the like, it could be caused by a 32bit OS.  If you have a 64bit OS, ignore this.  But it appears that even on great computers, a 32bit OS will prevent you from running the game with high resolution textures.  I've seen it suggested that setting your texture quality to medium should fix this.  I'm still testing this myself, but it looks like this might be that case.  Hope this helps someone.

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If you only use a 32bit OS your OS can only use 3.some Gb of RAM so obviously the game will not be able to access that much in that case. Hence it becomes even more unstable earlier. It also means that you cannot use RAM for cache at all since the OS cannot assign the space at all. So you only have HDD cache which is so much slower that it is not even fun.


But seriously if someone are still using windows xp they need to get shaken really bad, thrown in a cold lake and have a cake thrown in their face.


I have been trying to tell this to certain people for years now.. and only in this past year have they finally realized that a 64bit OS is superior to XP in every way, other then wining museum awards.

And this only because the newer games deliberately say to them that they work better with more memory...

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