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Creating the general patch in SR

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I've got everything except Dragonborn, which means I need to use any and all instructions up until Hearthfires, yes? At least that's how I've been working my way through the various patch instructions.


On a related aspect: I'm currently trying to create the Realistic Room Rental patch for Realistic Lighting Overhaul. I've followed the instructions given up until this point:


Open TES5Edit.

Select all Realistic Lighting Overhaul ESPs and RealisticRoomRental.esp then click [OK].

Expand "Cell">"Block 1">"Sub-Block 4">"00016789">"Temporary" and select the "000CB956" node.

Right-click the column for RealisticRoomRental.esp and select "Copy as override into...".

Select "" and click [OK]. In the resulting text box type "RRR-RLO Patch".

It's not explicitly stated which ESP I'm supposed to expand the "Cell" in. So working on the assumption that you meant to expand and copy from RealisticRoomRental.esp, I used that and followed the instructions up to the point where the RRR-RLO Patch.esp is first created. Currently every time I try to create the patch, TES5Edit tells me that "FormID [06040E50] references a master which is not available in file [09] RRR-RLO Patch.esp". However if I choose to continue with the application after this error appears, the ESP is created and I can then copy over the column from RRR into the patch. Is this correct and expected behaviour? Or am I missing something? Thanks in advance for the clarification.

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