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Atronach conjuration bug



Does anybody know how to fix the Atronach bug where when you conjure nothing actually happens?


It used to work but now it doesnt, Ive also applied fixes from nexus and it still dont work.


Its a major game breaker if your a conjuration mage...

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After a good few hrs of testingi found out what was causing it.

When your using the mod Skyre and you select the Daedric Wrath in the conjuration perk tree at conjuration level 70 there is a buff that enables your conjured atronach to absorb 20% of its magicka or something like that.


What the 20% buff does is treat Your char as being buffed so the atronach actually doesnt spawn.Its a bug which ill post over at the Skyre comments page. The way i fixed it was to use the Skyre Perk reset mod and reset the whole conjuration and only pick the perks i had before but this time dont choose the Daedric Wrath perk just select the perk below it which is 20% less powerful but atleast it works now

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