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question on HD textures



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after finishing 2.f i have following problem:


texture dropping in and out / low texture on the ground etc.


vanilla skyrim was o.k. but now it looks ugly.


do i have to clean every esm/esp ? (step 1.e.5)


shall i install anew ?


sidenote: i run an i7 920@4ghz + a hd6950@hd6790 (2gb) and i have turned off ingame aa and af. I switched to catalyst for aa and af. this gained me about 5 to 8 frames per second, is this normal ??

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ok got everything solved.


i´ve finished step 2.h. and the fps start to drop to 50 (opening scene till 1st fight).


has anyone a guesstimate how far they go down when im finished (it may help me to decide what to add and what not to add) ?


i know you don´t cover body replacers but is this the right point ( after2.h) to insert them when i do want them ???




after step 2.i i tried to run boss from mo again, but this time boss can´t access the log (mod organizer.log) file, because the folder is now write protected. ( acces denied ).

i have all admin rights. i can´t access this file by no means, not via console not via 3rd party programs.


help would be appreciated.



solved by logging into console with net user administrator /active:yes and rebooting, then i could uncheck write protection to that file. i´m really not new to modding and computers, but this is getting really interesting


edit: once again after the next step this log file get write protected (mod organizer.log) does anyone know why?

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