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Which mods have optionals/overwrite files?



Having just updated, installing "Even Better Quest Objectives" I've had a nasty feeling I misunderstood the Merge/Replace option in Mod Organiser and used Replace when installing STEP before, which I now understand completely deletes the existing files and just installs the new ones, rather than just replacing any existing files. If this is what I did, then obviously any mods with optionals will be completely screwed up, so I need to go through and reinstall those mods.


Going through STEP, it looks like these are the mods that have optionals/patches:


Skill Interface (I installed the Dawnguard patch as a separate mod though, so won't need to reinstall this)

Not Another Colored Map Icon Mod


Serious HD (from the size of the folder, 857MB, I can see I must have used Merge correctly on this one)

Tobe's Hi-Res Textures (again, I installed the SMIM patch separately, so this one's OK)


Lanterns Of Skyrim (I'd actually not installed any optional for this, so the main file was intact)

Realistic Mushrooms (I'd done this one correctly)

Birds & Flocks (this is OK too)


Footprints (I hadn't installed the Ash Supplemental, so needed to add this)

Better Male Feet (This one I had screwed up by replacing the main files with the Dawnguard patch. Just as I was starting to think I'd actually installed everything using Merge!)


Book of Silence (is a bit confusing as it says "also install all available optional files" but there aren't any shown on it's page, just Armour and Weapons. I needed to update it to 1.5 anyway. Also, only the Armour mod offers the suggested "Elven Gold" if I select Custom, so I assume for Weapons we're meant to leave it on "Install all"?)


Explosive Bolts Visualized (seems to be OK)

Closer Quivers & Longer Arrows (reinstalled to be sure but it doesn't offer a Closer Bolts or Explosive Bolts Visualised options as suggested for Dawnguard users in the Detailed Instructions)

Weapon De-LARP Project (seems OK)

Greatsword Sheaths & Scabbards (needed reinstalling)

Improved Closefaced Helmets (OK)

Ultimate HD Torch (OK)

Better Turn Animation (OK)

Burn Freeze & Shock Effects (OK)

Enhanced Blood (OK)

No Spinning Death Animation (OK)

Ultimate HD Fire Effects (needed to install SMIM patch)

Silly Level of Detail-Wine Cellar (needed to install optional)

More Salt Please (Dragonborn patch installed separately)

The Choice is Yours (Dawnguard patch installed separately)

Traps Make Noise (optional installed separately)


So I think I've got them all sorted now but if there's anything I've overlooked please let me know. I've learnt from this that it makes life easier (certainly easier to check things anyway) if I install any optionals as separate mods, because Mod Organiser will just overwrite the files on the fly if necessary. Certainly with the Dawnguard and other DLC patches it makes sense to have them installed separately, as then I can easily modify the MO profile to share it with a friend who might not have the DLC.

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