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Soul Trap won't work [nvm fixed it]



Which mod would cause soul trap not to work? Nothing happens. It doesn't even say I don't have a soul gem large enough. Just nothing :-/. I'm using a mace enchanted with soul trap and yes, it's fully charged.


EDIT: To anyone experiencing this problem, move the acquisitive soul gem esp to the bottom of the load order.

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I'm having this problem too.  My black star won't fill.  Using a bow of soul snares to kill humanoids and it won't take a soul when I kill them.  Not sure how to fix it.


EDIT: Just noticed the comment regarding acquisitive soul gems above. Gonna try it out!

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So what was the conflict?


I have the same problem. The only conflict I see with ASG is that it overwrites a file from the Unofficial patch. Should the unofficial patch have higher priority? Is that what you did?

I have no idea what the actual conflict was. All I did was move acquisitive soul gems to the bottom of the load order right above bashed patch, 0 or whatever it's called.
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