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Need help please




After following the step guide which actually recommends installing all mods though MO which ive never used before.


i installed all the mods but when i run BOSS hardly any of the mods appear in the BOSS list.

How do i fix this?

I wish i would just carried on using NMM, Atleast it worked correctly as MO does not place the mods in the installation folder of Skyrim....ive spent hrs on this and its not working the way it should please help

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Mod Organizer uses a virtual Skyrim directory, so you have to run BOSS through Mod Organizer itself.


1. Open Mod organizer and in the top right, you should see a listbox with some executables (Skyrim, SKSE if it's installed)

2. Click on that and hit

3. In the new window that pops up, under Title, type the name you wish to appear when you select it in the listbox.

4. Under binary, we have to find the executable BOSSGUI.exe. Click on the elipses button and find where you installed BOSS. !EDIT!: Apologies it is BOSS.exe, not BOSSGUI.exe.

5. If you want ModOrganizer to close when you run BOSS, check "Close MO when started"

6. Click Add, and press OK!

7. Now run boss through ModOrganizer and it will recognize everything!


Please note that you will have to run EVERY utility through here that needs access to the Skyrim directory or .ini files or it will access the wrong directory.


Also note that you have to do .ini edits directly through ModOrganizer, don't open Skyrim.ini and Skyrimprefs.ini in your documents.


Mod Organizer is fantastic and quite brilliant, you just have to wrap your head around how it functions and how to use it.


I highly recommend reading the guide on the STEP Wiki as it will answer all of your questions and more.


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