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Guide:Wrye Bash



This should be a basic question...


I am finding the current Wrye Bash guide hosted on the S.T.E.P. wiki to be a bit vague.  Now, I know that this was already mentioned and it was suggested to review the official Wrye Bash readme located at file:///C:/SteamLibrary/SteamApps/common/Skyrim/Mopy/Docs/Wrye%20Bash%20General%20Readme.html#, the problem I am finding with jumping back and forth between the guide and the official readme is that there are some inconsistencies which can cause confusion.  So, I was hoping I could ask for some clarification...


In your Wrye Bash guide you have the mods ordered in groups under the Installers tab, i.e. "1-HD Misc_v1-3595-1-0.zip" and the rest of the mods in that group obviously have the prefix of "1-" to indicate group 1.  The part that is not clear is I have not read where it is discussed that groups should be created.  The official readme does not talk about organizing mods under the installer tab in this manner.  Is this a requirement of S.T.E.P. in order to follow the currrent S.T.E.P guide better?  


What I have started to do is create Markers and label them the same as the current 2.2.1 guide, and then move the mods into the order they appear in the guide under their correct header (marker).  Posted Image


Is my method an acceptable way to manage the mods or am I missing something?  Is there possibly a guide I have missed somewhere?

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It is simply easier to "group" the mods into their respectful sections. This is more organization and to keep proper installation order. You don't have to do this; however, be sure to follow the proper installation order for the mod in the guide. To be completely safe, install the mods in the order that they are shown on the guide and you'll have nothing to worry about. You can also group your mods however you like. I use markers like you have and rename the dividers to the section of the guide like such: https://i.imgur.com/0FS8YMG.png


As you can see the markers are renamed after the guide sections and the mods are renamed with numbers in front of them (01..., 02..., 03..., etc). This maintains the sections and proper installation order. But my mod naming scheme is custom so that I can see a lot of information at a quick glace. With that glace I know the section the mod is in in the guide, the installation order of the mod, the nexus name of the mod, and the version of the mod. I'll be adding back the nexusID of the mod later as well.

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Thanks Techangel85! This really good information' date=' I like how you are organizing your mods...very neat and tidy. This is something that might be useful in a supporting S.T.E.P guide.[/quote']

You're very welcome. MontyMM (admin) is working on an automated mod renaming tool that will have a similar naming scheme for use with STEP. If I understand correctly, this will allow user to use the tool, then similar drag and drop the entire mod list into WB/MO with the proper installation order automatically set up. All the users would have to do from there is install the mods.

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