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Anyone tried to coc qasmoke yet in console while dragonborn is enabled?

I tried it with completly vanilla, only official DLC's and I allways CTD if dragonborn is enabled.

Disable DB and I can go in it without a problem.


Only reason I use that room is for 3 outfits from mods and sometimes waiting.

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Dragonborn.esm I know deletes a navmesh in there, so taking companions along would be a bad idea.


There's a few more problems too which were mentioned early in the Unofficial Dragonborn Patch topic on BGS forum related to qasmoke ..


TES5Edit will sort out a heap of problems with the Dragonborn.esm if you have not done the usual clean up bethsofts mess yet of UDRs and ITMs ( there is also a new version of TES5Edit released after Dragonborn ), personally I have no need to go in the testing hall and avoiding it for a while, so cant say if it would sort your problem out.

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Yeah I noticed that missing navmesh there.

I didnt bring a companion, so that was not the problem.

Its on the loading screen to QASmoke where it goes CTD when DB is enabled.


And yes I used the newest TES5Edit.

Seems I have to go in CK and edit those 3 plugins for the outfits myself to get it elsewhere then.

Gonna be alot of work since its not just 1 piece and multiple color versions pff.

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O well I hear more problems with QASmoke and Dragonborn.


So I went in CK and for those 3 outfits I made recipies, took a while but atleast I dont need QASmoke now :)

They are fashion anyway and not used as armor, but more for screenshots and play mom XD

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