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FO4LODGen first attempt at making custom world map


Hey! I'm about to attempt creating an in-game map for a custom world I'm creating. This will be the first time I've tried anything like this


Anyway, before I start, is there any advice you could give me? Any tutorials I should read? I mean, rather than just jumping straight in and making a pig's ear of things


I plan to document the progress in this thread for other users that may find themselves in the same situation as myself; starting out on the journey of in-game map making using FO4LODGen


Thanks for the tools by the way! I don't know what I'd do without FO4Edit, and now this seems to be a perfect 'sister' project


Hope you're all well!





Screen Shot of up-and-coming Mod release...


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step 1) download the exe file...


I took this installer from here using the 'Beta' version. That page also has a lot of information regarding making LOD textures for making in-game maps. I guess that's where this journey will start.



EDIT: I also found these pages:










also useful




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some more useful likes involving creating a custom world


Generate LOD for a Custom Worldspace with xLODGen


Generating Worldspace LOD 


Importing height maps




Navmeshing more detailed


Map Markers / Locations


Connecting a Door to a worldspace


Annoying Grass Textures


Landscaping Tools


Creating and Editing Cells

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Not sure why anyone would use CK for LOD generation since we have FO4LODGen since quite some time now.


If there are new static base records for which object LOD is desired, set Has Distant LOD and define LOD models.


Create a data/lodsettings/*.lod file with LodFileGenerator for the new worldspace. Get suitable worldspace bounds from worldrecord. Best to round down lower left cell to a multiple of 32, e.g start at -64, -64 for example.


Start xLODGen and generate object and terrain LOD.


Typically the map uses object LOD level 16 and terrain LOD level 32, unless change via INI settings.

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