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Fire spell effects gone wrong



I'm not sure what I could do to fix this please help?:


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As far as I know I'm running a pure Vanilla with no added sugar trying to backtrack to find out if a mod was doing this. It only seems to effect fire spells, other spells act normally as far as I can tell. Dunno if one of the BSA maybe in trouble but I've turned off all the Data files within the SkyrimLauncher and still nothing to fix this yet?

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That looks weird, very strange bug....


You are running vanilla right? if so have you tried 'verify integrity of game cache' in Steam? (under properties/files)


Vanilla shouldn't do that weird stuff. This should be the easiest solution.


If that doesn't help....

How old is your save? Have you removed any mods from your game that were running on this save. Did you change anything to the game recently, Mods ini tweaks etc. when this bug appeared for the first time?

Have you installed new drivers for your graphics card? Have you changed your graphics settings?


I don't think it is your ini, but nonetheless. You can backup your ini files (documents/my games/skyrim: skyrimprefs.ini and skyrim.ini), delete the original, and restart the game through the launcher, if that doesn't fix it either, you can simply replace the new ini files with your backup ini.


Hope you can solve it.

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