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Help with Compatibility - Tree LODs


Hello! This is my first time downloading DynDOLOD and I'm just starting to get a grasp on the reins. I know DynDOLOD can burn up a save, so I want to get this right the very first time, so I'm looking for some advice in doing so. I have a heavily modded Skyrim SSE and I'm looking to generate LODs for the following flora mods:


Immersive Fallen Trees SSE

Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants (w/ Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants BILLBOARDS 4.0.0 & Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants DynDOLOD Resources EXPERIMENTAL)

Skyrim 3D Landscapes (w/ Skyrim 3D Landscapes BILLBOARDS)

Skyrim 3D Gildergreen

Fantasy Forest Overhaul for 3D Trees (w/ Blubbos Bush Addon Part1 & Blubbos Tree Addon for FFO)

Trees Addon (w/ Trees Addon Billboards)

HQ Tree Bark

Dark Forests of Skyrim SSE - Main plus Billboards

Bent Pines II

Reach Tree Replacer SSE (w/ Reach Tree Replacer SSE - Billboards & Reach Tree Replacer SSE - DynDOLOD Ultra Tree Lod)

The Marshlands


Grass Addon for Veydosebrom

Indistinguishable VANILLA Vivid Weathers Lighting (I'm using Obsidian weathers, but I thought I'd give it a shot)

DynDOLOD Resources (all options checked except Low-Res and Holy Cow)


Other notable LOD altering/contributing mods include:


HD LODs Textures SE

Terrain LOD Redone

RealisticWaterTwo LOD Fix


Has anyone generated LODs for these successfully while using DynDOLOD? If so, what was your process?


Also, are there any suggestions for a change in these tree mods? Should I ditch HQ Tree Bark and get Enhanced Vanilla Trees instead? I know Trees Addon uses EVT as a base, but the mod creator doesn't say it's absolutely required.


Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to reply to this and help a wayward fellow out!


P.S. If someone would like to see my full mod order, please ask. It's very close to the 255 limit though.

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DynDOLOD does not burn saves. Statements like this are nonsense.

Nothing happens to a load order or saves when modding properly with a mod manager.


Tree and object LOD is just meshes and textures.


Generating tree LOD is very simple and straight forward.


For every full model tree that you want LOD for a matching tree LOD billboard needs to be installed. The log tells you for which tree a billboard was found.


Grass has no LOD.


HD LODs Textures SE is listed in the DynDOLOD manual. Just install it according to its instructions.


Terrain LOD Redone does as its name suggest terrain LOD. DynDOLOD does object and tree LOD. 


RealisticWaterTwo LOD Fix has never been required. All that you need to do is make sure that the LOD water that RealisticWaterTwo defines on the world record is in the last plugin to overwrite the world record when generating LOD. DynDOLOD uses the data from the last plugin to define/overwrite records to build create the DynDOLOD plugins.


I suggest to read the included manual and the descriptions of the mods you are using.

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Hi sheson. First and foremost, thanks for taking the time to offer me some helpful info! Didn't know a lot of those things.


I apologize for the nonsense, by the way. I've seen a few people comment it here and there. I don't know their experiences, but I assumed it might cause some damage (like anything) if you don't know what you're doing.


I'm working through the manual bit by bit. I only started reading it (and watching the 40 minute tutorial video) last night and it was a lot to digest in one sitting after a long day. I'll get a handle on it eventually.


In regard to the descriptions of the mods I'm using, I have read them, but may have glazed over the LOD stuff as I hadn't played with it at all until now. I've read through most of them again, but I'll do my best to be more observant.


Thanks again!

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