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"tree billboard doesnt exist" or some such?


Apologies ahead of time, but I don't recall finding this in the FAQ.

I've been wanting to try DynDOLOD for awhile, but I'm finding it to be anything but easy and honestly more than a tad bit frustrating.

Let me explain;

I use Open Cities. I'd like to KEEP using Open Cities. However, DynDOLOD, according to the LE manual, requires you to disable OC while doing install n do some other stuff. Fine. No big deal. But this bit of info is nowhere in the SE manual. Nowhere in the page. And when I tried to run the executable? "Cannot find TESV";

The mention to make dynDOLOD work for SSE was told to me through reddit and forum posts, of adding -sse to the arguments for the DynDOLOD executable.

Fine.W/e. We're good.


So I disable OC. I have DynDOLOD Resources SE installed to MO2 and activated. I run DynDOLOD.

And I get an error mentioning something to the effect of "tree billboards don't exist", and then also that another error happened.

And quite frankly, as excited as I am to try DynDOLOD, the "simple/easy to use" claim at the top of its Nexus page is quickly feeling like a bit of false advertising.


Wanna use it for SE? Gotta add an argument that isn't seemingly listed anywhere (Unless I'm blind).

Wanna use it with OC? Gotta do a bit of option manipulation and multiple runs to make it work.

Wanna use it at all? Gotta make sure resources are installed and downloaded to MO2.

Except I did that.


And it didn't work.


I'm getting a tad bit frustrated, and having people tell me on /r/skyrimmods "Just drop OC its not a required mod" is kind of idiotic and belittling to boot.


So I come here to ask for assistance; I'm not a total idiot for modding and editing games, but I'm honestly at a loss, cause I've had to dig through about 6 different .html files included with my download, half a dozen reddit and forum threads, and vods and I'm feeling thoroughly confused on wtf I could possibly be missing that it seems to think my resources folder/fill does not exist.


Unless I'm supposed to run the TexGen or w/e first before DynDOLOD, which....theres like no indication of that in anything I've found; neither STEP's guide for DynDO nor any warning message on DynDO's nexus page or even its manual.

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DynDOLOD_QuickStart.html in the main folder next to the executables lists the requirements, setup, installation and the command line arguments for the different Skyrim versions.


The DynDOLOD_Manual_SSE.html explains requirements, setup and the -sse command line argument. It also starts with this:


Basic knowledge of DynDOLOD for Skyrim is expected, refer to the main manual (DynDOLOD_Manual.html). This document just points out what is different or which important parts are similar.


In DynDOLOD_Manual.html read Custom Settings For Specific Mod - Open Cities Skyrim. It requires special treatment, because it is one of those mods that was not done with LOD generation in mind.


And I get an error mentioning something to the effect of "tree billboards don't exist", and then also that another error happened.

This is not proper error report. Reproduce the log message by copy and pasting in to pastebin for example so we do not have to guess what the actually happens. It is possible it is one of these two messages:


FAQ: DynDOLOD.exe: Tree LOD: Error: Can not find tree LOD billboards required to create tree LOD

A: Always install the required vanilla tree LOD Billboards, then any optional LOD Billboards for tree mods in the load order. See the 'Requirements' section in the manual.


FAQ: DynDOLOD.exe: Tree LOD and similar

A: Ignore, any messages about missing files for shrubs, fern, bushes etc. are normal. Typically billboards are only created for trees. Some world spaces do not have any trees.


If you do not want to invest the time to read the included extensive documentation I wrote in my free time, then do not use DynDOLOD. A collection of free tools to generate drastically enhanced object and tree LOD other people and I program in our free time.


LOD generation is trivial but can be complex. Supporting thousands of mods and entire load order automatically is not always trivial. The tools of DynDOLOD automate dozens of things that would otherwise be weeks and months of manual work. The steps explained in the manuals are simple and easy for enthusiast modders.

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