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Two lil Merge Standalone Questions?



There's a couple of new sexy mods that add an MCM menu to the likes of Vigor, Moonlight Tales & Hunterborn that didn't have an MCM for SE implemented

I can merge the MCM menus into the master and rename the merge back as the original masters name. Once I use relinker the 'new' plugin works perfectlty ingame. Is this the best way about doing it?

I'm asking because I was having a look through the papyrus log on a new game start and one of the errors was 'Cannot find Hunterborn Merge.esp'

That's the name of my Merge before the rename. Can ya see this as being a problem with how I merged them together? I'm guessing it has something to do with the script fragments tick box in Merge Plugins Standalone.

Any idears?

Edit: Bonus question, the merge creates a .seq file the same name as the merge. Does it matter that the .esp is named something different from the seq file? Plus what does the .seq file do?



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I generally recommend against renaming plugins after you've merged them.  There are assets which are at file-specific paths which you'd need to manually fix if you ever renamed a plugin file.


So a revised approach would be: merge them, run relinker, don't rename.


Bonus question: SEQ files are to boot up start-game enabled quests.  I don't know if the game will load them if a plugin with a corresponding filename isn't active (probably not).

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