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LOOT, Wrye Bash, SSEEdit Suddenly Not Seeing Mods



I hope this is the correct place to post this. This is bizarre.


A week ago I had a working installation of Skyrim SE installed with Mod Organizer 2.1.1 on Windows 10. All components and programs are current.


Today when I returned to the game none of the peripheral tools - LOOT, Wrye Bash, SSEEdit - are detecting any of the mods I've installed. LOOT is still reporting I need to clean the masters, which I have already done. Mod Organizer is able to see everything, I can still start the game with SKSE and all the mods appear to be fine.


The only thing listed in the mods section of all the tools are the masters, the Bethesda DLC, and the Bashed Patch.


This effect is present whether I start the tools through MO or not. I do not have Game Bar or any Xbox selected or operational on my system, nor am I enrolled in the Windows Insider program. This installation of Windows 10 is actually less than a month old.


Clearly something has been modified on my system, perhaps during a cleaning or anti-virus scan, but those elements have not caused this issue before. I am aware there are logs that might help and I would be happy to provide them if you tell me what you need.


Thank you in advance for any assistance offered.



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