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Skyrim Stablity with STEP



Hi! I have used an earlier version of STEP when it first began and through this, after many many attemps on my own frought with major instability issue, was I ever able to achive very good stabilty. I followed STEP then to the letter and it was good.


My question today is becuase I have deviated from STEP and my Skyrim is utterly unstable and have attempted many many times to rectify without STEP with ZERO success.


Q: There are a lot of mods included in this version of STEP I would like to trim out in order to keep a smaller install with less possible conflicts as well as reduce download and install time. Can I still find stability following STEP and non including non critical mods like Rainbows and Convenient Horses, stuff like that? I know some aspects of the STEP install are critical for stabilty like mod cleaning with TES5Edit and ini file and basic setup, but can i safely skip some non critical mods?

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This is exactly why we introduced the "Core mod" attribute. In either the current PDF release, or the Work-in-Progress version on the Wiki, you'll notice some of the table rows have the left-most region shaded in. That indicates that the mod is considered "core" to the STEP experience. Most of the major texture packages, fixes, and several key gameplay mods fall under this category and should always be installed when using STEP, but the others are entirely optional, just make sure to do it in order.

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