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Problems with Skyrim Revisited...


Well i read all this guide before deciding that id use it, i would say im still a Novice when it comes to modding skyrim but i know my way around MO pretty well now. ive followed this guide from beginning to end. fantastic yay. lets play! 


I make my character move around for a few seconds in the jail click the statue of mara(or however its spelt XD) and choose a place to start, wheee great lets play Skyrim!!... Annnnnnnnd no, CTD every time... No matter what I pick from the choices (and I tried all of them) when i active the bed doesnt even load just goes straight to desktop... I should also mention that I've also launched the "Vanilla Skyrim" that was created during the beginning of the guide making sure it was "Skyrim" I was running and not SKSE, and almost the same thing, I sit through the long arse carriage ride follow Ralof and Hadvar and again no matter who I pick when I active the door CTD happens...

And ONE last note just in case any of you do respond with the question "did you start completely clean" the answer is Yes I uninstalled EVERYTHING even the tools like 7 zip...


is there anyone out there able to help this poor lady out at all?


thanks in advance 

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