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Call of Duty Modding Guides

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Call of Duty Modding Guides
Author: Prodigy Lain
Call of Duty 2 - Modding Guide
Call of Duty: WaW Guide - will be finished in a few days
Call of Duty: Black Ops Guide - will be finished in a ~couple weeks
What are these guides?

These guides are meant to simply make each Call of Duty campaign or zombies mode look and play as good as possible. The guides are the definitive list of everything you can do to make the game look and play better. You'll find more information about exactly what a guide covers in the introduction section of each guide.


Further information
Hello STEP forum. I thought I'd contribute to the site by making a modding guide, or actually guides. First, I'd appreciate it if you watched my film of COD2 linked above. I've spent an entire week filming, editing, and obsessing over every detail of it and I'd love feedback on it.
Regarding the actual guide, a lot of stuff was borrowed from TechAngel85; everything from wikitext syntax, visual presentation, even the visual style of this forum post. So thanks to him and a few other guide authors on STEP that I borrowed wikitext syntax from.
Feel free to leave comments or questions here.

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