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Type error 105


So, when i try to start the SKSE through MO, appear this error: failed to read mod and failed to parse bsa in Ordinator, Summermyst and 50 more perk points saying invalid type 105. I already tried to install trough MO, but didn't work either.

In the log says this

DEBUG (21:09:29.0473): reading BSA Fancy Bows.bsa
DEBUG (21:09:29.0510): reading BSA Falskaar.bsa
DEBUG (21:09:29.0818): reading BSA Apocalypse - The Spell Package.bsa
DEBUG (21:09:29.0887): reading BSA 50 More Perk Points.bsa
ERROR (21:09:30.0021): failed to initialize vfs: invalid type 105 (filename: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\data\50 More Perk Points.bsa)
ERROR (21:09:30.0099): failed to set up
----------- LOG END -----------

I already searched google and the forum but i didn't find anything.

If you could help, i would be glad.

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The mod '50 More Perk Points' is for Skyrim Special Edition and it appears you are trying to mod using MO 1.3.11, or more to the point your Skyrim install is plain old Skyrim.

The BSA format for the two games are different.

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