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Your Recommendation: V sync and FPS Limiter - [SOLVED]



Dear Step Community,


Like many of you, I have been trying to get the best performance out of my current setup by tweaking and testing different types of mods, while still enhancing the game visually.


But as of yesterday night, I was stumped on one specific tweak regarding the vsync and fps limiter.


Throughout the night, I have been looking at my good old friend google to find the answer regarding this issue but have always come with mixed answers.


Some stated you should never turn off vsync as it causes physic issues in the game, while others stated that turning off vsync improved performance and eliminated mouse lag.


By analyzing these  comments regarding this issue, would it be viable to turn off v sync to get the improved performance/elimination of mouse lag and use the fps limiter to eliminate the physic issue in the same process?


Or does this tweak that i am considering not going to actually improve performance and I should just stay with the default vsync on?


Any help will be greatly appreciated


PS: Most likely going to limit the fps to 58

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Thanks for the info,


During the time I have posted this,


I have tested this method out on my game and found out that the vsync off with fps limiter does indeed give me the performance boost with the elimination of the mouse input lag and also negates the physics issue that many have stated to see with it off.


I can confidently say that using this method that I have asked does indeed improve the smoothness of my game and will continue to use this method from now on for my skyrim game.

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