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LOD query for rope bridges in front of waterfalls and Master The Summit at Darkwater Pass



Hey Sheson,


I love the mod Master The Summit and it places a series of rope bridges that ascend from Darkwater Crossing all the way up the face of the massive waterfall to the top.  The LOD rope bridges are invisible for some reason where they are in front of the waterfalls. The LOD rope bridges not in front of the waterfalls are fine. Any ideas for a solution? I also use the mod PureWaters - Waterfalls and run Dyndolod 2.21 on High/Ultra trees.


Heres some pics that shows what I'm talking about > https://imgur.com/a/wW7jX


Many thanks



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That mod is using a destructible bridge from a Dawnguard quest. It should be OK to use the LOD of similar stockadescaffoldbridgenarrow (full model has a rope each side and the wooden panels are more regular)


From DynDOLOD Resoures, copy

..\00 DynDOLOD Core Files - Required\Meshes\lod\clutter\stockade\stockadescaffoldbridgenarrow_lod_0.nif







and then just generate static LOD again.


The Dawnguard quest using this bridge won't be affected as it is indoors.

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