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Missing Textures Issue



Hello. I've been finding purple/black textures in my game. After several minutes of game play, and always after loading into a new cell, these textures can take the place of certain textures in game (frequently npc face, clothing, weapons and occasionally interior walls, floors, etc...). These problems can persist when reloading a save in-game (when I die), but will always go away after exiting or quitting to the main menu.

My mod setup closely resembles step 2.2.0a, with updated changes for any broken or outdated mods. The problems won't occur if I disable my .esp's, but the delayed/hidden nature of the problems makes finding the source difficult.


I hear this can be a symptom of missing/corrupted textures. This was not present in vanilla (latest patch), and I have verified that my texture mods and base skyrim install are complete. Could something besides missing/corrupted texture files cause this, such as driver or memory issues? I feel like i've hit the memory caps in previous installations and never had this problem before.

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A few questions because we'll need some more information: What is your VRAM usage? Use GPU-Z it find this out. Also, are you overclocking? Did you use DDSopt or any other texture optimizer on your textures?


Hardware: 670 4gb and i5 2500k, both not overclocked.



4x AA and 16x AF (forced, high quality)

High shadows

Perf. AO (via inspector)

RCRN and Skyrealism concurrently, no SSAO. Made sure these weren't the problem, first thing. Actually, I think it was you, techangel85, that suggested these. Very cool.

The rest generally follows the recommended settings/ini edits, enb's included.

No optimized textures on this installation.


VRAM fluctuates around 65–70% of max (average ~2800mb of 4096mb) when testing (running around Whiterun, outside, interiors, etc... for 8–20 minutes until crashing). I would normally blame my processor for performance before my GPU, yet my GPU load is all over the place (anywhere from 12–99). Also, the problem persists through updating my drivers. I doubt this is a mod issue; but I'm baffled. Any thoughts?


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Can you provide some screenshots of the missing textures? This will tell use exactly where the textures came from.


These problems can persist when reloading a save in-game (when I die), but will always go away after exiting or quitting to the main menu.

It sounds at though there are conflicts somewhere. Where, though, is the question. Many of the mods have been updated since 2.2.0a, so it wouldn't be a surprise if a mod has made new conflicts that wasn't present when that version of the guide was released. You have the INI settings correct for the ENB and RCRN as well?

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