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Limiting EFF's "Inventory" feature

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Requiem and YASH both put a bit of effort into limiting carrying capacity. EFF completely breaks that by giving every follower an unlimited Inventory container. 


I like the idea of having follower's have a storage bag of things they don't use, but having it unlimited is OP and immersion breaking. I know that Vilja's secondary storage is limited, so there is clearly a way to do it, probably with scripting, since it seems from my brief research that weight limit is not a property of containers.


Anyone know of a mod that fixes this or is interested in making one?


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The guide already disables it by default with the esp add-on I made. So simply not using it would be all that you need to do. Use their "Equipment" menu instead and its weight limited as usual.

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I like the feature of having a separate bag, since It makes separating between things NPCs use/wear and things they are carrying for you much easier. I just want it limited.

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