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dual booting questions



Hello Folks, long time STEP user and fan - thank you all for the wonderful guide.


I have been trying to add Windows 7 to a pre-existing W10 system to bypass the 4gb vram limit. However, I could not find any specific instructions on how to get STEAM and Skyrim working on W7. I can run skyrim on w10 with no issues, but in 7 skyrim will not launch by any means - skyrimlauncer, tesv.exe, by SKSE through MO, as admin, etc.  I get either beth logo then CTD (when launching from Skyrim) or straight CTD (when launching SKSE through MO).  All I tried was to create desktop shortcuts to all the .exes on the W7 desktop, but now it seems a bigger procedure is required.  Any instructions or links to instructions would be appreciated.


Also, I am wondering if this still even a good idea with SSE available.  Is it correct that with SSE there is no longer any 4gb vram limit, and if so, would it be better to simply wait until the STEP and SRLE guides for SSE are up and stay on W10?  



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Install the DirectX Runtimes on Windows 7: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109


SSE is still in the early stages in terms of modding. You can still get a far better game from Skyrim. With that said, yes, there is no 4GB limit with SSE due to the 64-bit architecture. STEP will not be available for SSE for several months. Mod old Skyrim and have fun!

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