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update changes language



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Delete everything in your MO installation except for:




and your ModOrganizer & nxmhandlers INIs


Now reinstall MO 1.3.11 and a complete new install will be available. Depending on what earlier version you had there may have been some changes that didn't carry over with the translation files. It sounds like you had a very old version.


Topic moved to MO support.

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I've just now looked at your other topic and saw the screenshot of MO is using English.

If your question above is not MO related could you please provide some more detail as to what is the UI issue and where it is occurring?

Rhar screensgot was before I updated.


But I guess you can consider this question answered...at least as far as I'm concerned. I just reinstalled 1.3.10 over the top of the 1.3.11 and everything seems to be fine now. The 1.3.11 update didn't offer me a chance to install translations during install and didn't recognize that I was operating in English. Sorry to say I just couldn't understand the Magyar or ever remember much about the English interface, So it was either go back to 1.3.10 or Nexus Mod Manager.

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Something is really screwy with your install if you're not getting English as the language on a machine that is English by default. MO will only install the other languages and you will need to choose another language to display the text if you want. Whatever the language your OS is using is the one used by default.


At any rate if your happy with what is currently installed, fine, but I would encourage you to follow the steps I outlined above to get the latest install on your system.

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