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CTD when in combat with resurected/reanimated enemies



Hi all. First off, thanks to STEP team and Tanin for MO, it's all truly amazing what you have done for this game. I'm relatively new to modding, and have already spent a few hours searching for answers to my particular CTD problem, so please go easy on me for my first post here.


I've got many hours in game with a step core baseline set up, to about character level 32, and I've only CTD in two situations, one at a specific location, Sinderian field lab in Blackreach, whenever I turned to look in a certain direction would CTD I assume due to conflict texture or something so I just grabbed his journal and got out without turning that direction again. The other CTD situation is more frustrating as it is recurring and seems every time I'm in combat when an enemy resurrects/reanimates. For instance when I'm fighting a necromancer, and they resurrect another already killed necromancer or a wolf, there is an awesome loud spooky sound effect, i kill the resurected enemy, theres a kind of explosion when they die and I immediately get a CTD. After searching a while, I only found one post on Redit site of someone asking about similar problem but no solution was provided.


I have z87, i4770k, 16gb RAM, GTX770 2gb RAM, STEP core baseline resolution. Only exceptions to STEP core are I have iHUD and matter of time, and did not install Better Turn Animations. Ini tweaks per STEP but noticed GP tutorial for STEP ini tweaks had slightly diff or additional settings.


Would anyone else who have had a similar problem found out cause and solution, or anyone able to point me in a direction of what to try next to troubleshoot an fix? I would appreciate very much.


Thank you for reading and your consideration.





Ps. Please excuse typos, I'm on a tiny mobile atm.

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