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Adventures in SR setup

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So I thought I'd post my thoughts in doing this setup. While I've loaded the game I haven't actually played it yet. My first thoughts on loading is that it is awfully dark. My eyesight isn't the best and was wondering if anyone had any advice on lightening it up.


On a whole, setup was fairly easy. I found some new mods to try and learned more about using the various tools.


Setup notes:


I didn't add EatingSleepingDrinking under Resources since I wasn't planning on using the bath mod.


Project Parallax Revived has been updated and the troublesome meshes removed.


I didn't use Subliminal Traps 2; with my eyesight the taps are already hard to see.


Replaced the suggested deathbell mod with a different one.


Did reluctantly added the Lightning mod; last time I used it, Helgar got struck by lightning three feet away from me and I'm still traumatized.


Used Realistic Waters but added Water plants.


Since I am doing the LotD setup next, I used the no grass version of SFO.


Did not add Troublemakers' nor the SemiSkimpy armors mods (and reluctantly added the UNP mods).


The only thing under Basic Needs I installed was Campfire and I added Tentpalooza.


There was another mod that was updated; unfortunately I don't remember which one.


Merging the patches turned into an adventure. After doing a few I started to get access errors and when I returned to MO and try to look at the new patch, I'd get a message that there is no esp when I knew there was. Closing MO and re-opening it cleared that up. However, when I opened Merge Plugins, NSUTR - Merged.esp would be unchecked.


The instructions for doing DYNDOLOD need to be updated.


Next: Installing the LotD setup.

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UNP itself isn't skimpy and with the exception of the troublemaker outfits the armour mods in SRLE aren't either. The semiskimpy mod listed offers a lore friendly option as well.


Merge plugins will occasionaly have "access violation errors". Best thing to do is to run one merge at a time. If you get the error - kill merge plugins in task manager, delete the failed merge and do it again.


As for things being dark, you could replace Enhanced lighting for enb with dark dungeons for enb from https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12454/? its nowhere near as dark then with ELFX and Vividian ENB - also less patching than ELE.

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